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Vives Serra is a firm that has fully dedicated to the production of this flower for over 60 years. For the last 30 years we have been exclusively dedicated in producing Lilium in all its colours and shapes. Our objective is to offer a continuous supply of Lilium during all year long.

We have at your disposition more than 32.000m2 of greenhouse space close to Barcelona, with the highest technology, which allows us to offer the best quality production of our flowers. We assure to follow all the rules and norms of the European law regarding ecological and sustainable farming.

  • Lilium specialists
  • Excellent quality product and service
  • More than 60 years of experience
  • 32.000m2 of greenhouse space
  • Supply all year around
  • Ecological and sustainable farming
  • Located in Barcelona


We have been over 60 years farming flowers!

Vives Serra is a family enterprise dedicated to farming flowers since 1956.

The passion for farming Lilium has been transmitted from fathers to sons, until this third generation in which we have decided to specialize only on farming this beautiful flower.

Our vocation for innovation and for expanding our firm has made us want to constantly improve the conditions of our facilities and has made us desire a more sustainable farming method in order to benefit our ecosystem.

10 reasons to work with us

1. Lilium specialists

2. Excellent quality products and service

3. Over 60 years of experience that endorse us

4. 32.000m2 of own greenhouses

5. Supply all year long

6. Ecological and sustainable farming

7. Competitive and stable prices

8. Located in Barcelona

9. Experienced in exporting

10. Wide range of varieties


We offer the latest Lilium trends at very competitive prices!

Ranges of Lilium

The Lilium is a flower which is characterized by its beauty and resistance, therefore becoming one of the most used flowers in decoration. Over a thousand different varieties of colours, shapes and sizes of Lilium can be found. Our objective is to offer to our clients a wide selective range of Lilium, this is why in Vives Serra we select and incorporate new varieties while renovating our catalogue every year.

We have a wide range of Lilium flowers, have a look at the flowers from different ranges:






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We produce Lilium all year long!

Vives Serra counts with over 32.000m2 of own greenhouses fully dedicated to the production of high quality Lilium. Located in the Mediterranean coast, 25km away from Barcelona, we are located in a strategic place that allows us to distribute to all our European clients.

We invest in new technologies in order to become more efficient when farming and then be able to offer more competitive prices. We also invest in the newest heating systems, automatic watering and thermal screens, in order to produce excellent quality Lilium.

Our objective is to ensure the supply of Lilium during the whole year at the most competitive price.

  • 32.000m2 of greenhouses

  • Investment in innovation and growth

  • Permanent production of Lilium all year around

  • Located in Barcelona


Would you like to purchase Lilium all year long?

If you are interested in purchasing Lilium during the whole year at very competitive prices, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to our innovative facilities and rigorous capabilities of our team, we can offer high quality Lilium at competitive and stable prices during the whole year.

We have been exporting for over 35 years

Lilium specialists

All year long production

Competitive and stable prices

Experience and trust


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